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  Anhui guofeng wood-plastic composite CO.,LTDWas established in March 2004, is a professional engaged in research and development, production and sales of wood plastic environmental protection of new materials technology enterprises, state-owned enterprises listed Anhui Guofeng Plastic Industry Co., Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary. Company is located in Hefei Baohe Industrial Park, covers an area of 200,000 square meters, is the only one large-scale introduction of fully automated production line in Europe manufacturers, annual production capacity of more than 35,000 tons, becoming China's largest industrial base of wood.
"Guofeng Wood Plastic Project has been listed as the Anhui Provincial Science and Technology Department of major research projects, Hefei City," 1346 "action plan project, Anhui Province," 861 "project, Anhui Province," 115 Innovation Team ", the National Development and Reform Commission Support the project. The company was rated as state-level high-tech enterprises, state-level enterprise technology center. The company has participated in the Beijing Olympic Games, the Shanghai World Expo, Xi'an World Horticultural Exposition, the London Olympic Games and other major construction projects.
Over the years, the Company and Beijing University of Chemical Technology, Anhui University, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and other high scientific research institutions work closely with the international 14 well-known wood-plastic technology and equipment manufacturing company comprehensive technical exchanges, has now formed its own core technology, Four invention patents, 12 utility model patents and 23 appearance authorized patents, presided over the development of the domestic first industry standards. The company has developed more than 100 varieties of wood-plastic products, wood-plastic color has reached more than 20 kinds of products have reached the leading domestic physical and chemical indicators.
Cited the trend of the times, always walk in the forefront of the industry "is the country people who vowed to pursue the cause. We will seize the industry development opportunities, give full play to the high degree of expertise, strong technical strength, market-oriented, with innovation as a means to brand management as the core, the implementation of differentiation strategy, improve and strengthen enterprise value chain, Wind wood plastic to create the most valuable brand of environmental decoration experts. Sincerity-oriented, concerted efforts, we are committed to be your most loyal partners and the most reliable friend!